Buy VOX Portable 4 Ltr Mini Refrigerator For Home & Car online in Pakistan

Buy VOX Portable 4 Ltr Mini Refrigerator For Home & Car online in Pakistan

VOX Portable 4 Ltr Mini Refrigerator For Home & Car

Keep beverages and snacks close nearby in the carport, apartment or office or while going with this peaceful, lightweight, conservative and compact cooler. It's sufficiently little to fit under most ledges, yet the insightful design and movable rack permits cool stockpiling of shifted refreshments and foodstuffs. 

This great electronic fridge can be utilized both as cooler and warmer. It is an one of a kind low clamor cooler that does not have a compressor and takes a shot at thermoelectric cooling framework for both cooling and warming. 

VOX Portable 4 Ltr Mini Refrigerator is a peltier-based refrigeration unit that is tender on the earth as it 100% CFC and HFC free. It is advanced for source voltage 12 V DC or 220 V AC and can perform high cooling or warming at low power utilization. 

The appealing red shade of the cooler offers a jazzy hope to improve the tasteful of your cave, amusement room or other home/office territory. For usability, the icebox highlights a straightforward entryway and a foldable handle. 

Electric Cooling Capacity: 15 to 25 Degree Celsius beneath surrounding temperature 

Electric Heating Capacity: +65 Degree Celsius by settled setting indoor regulator 

Strong polyurethane froth (sans cfc) (Chlorofluorocarbon) 

Low clamor, no compressor 

Peltier cooling framework 

A Peltier cooler, warmer, or thermoelectric warmth pump is a strong state dynamic warmth pump which exchanges heat from one side of the gadget to the next, with utilization of electrical vitality, contingent upon the bearing of the current. 

Red/green light shows hot/frosty status 

1 Shelf 

VDE 2 round pin plug power wire and 12V DC power wire 

Can be utilized as a part of inn, house, loft, bar and vehicle 

Movable rack for cool stockpiling of differed drink and foodstuff 

AC220V and DC12V power 

Limit: 4L, Power: 45W 

Collapsing handle 

100% CFC and HFC (Hydro fluorocarbon) - free 

Cooling and also warming 

With straightforward entryway 

Item estimate (W x D x H): 18.5 x 24.5 x 28 cm 

Weight 2.0 kg 

Bundle Contents: 

Versatile Mini Refrigerator, 

Power Cord, 

Auto Adaptor, 

Client Manual.

Price   4900

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