Buy Sheffield Hot Plate online in Pakistan

Buy Sheffield Hot Plate online in Pakistan

Sheffield Hot Plate

Item Description: 

Searching for a convenient answer for warmth your espresso? Wish to set up a tasty nibble for companions abruptly coming over? Need to rapidly set up a prepared to-eat nourishment in the middle of exam arrangements? The Sheffield Hot Plate is your one-stop arrangement. Ideal for quarters, lodgings, one-room lofts, it is essentially a perfect substitute for a customary burner. 

Kick the bucket cast metal surface traps warm more and cooks equally, notwithstanding being simple upkeep to the extent cleaning is concerned. Nonslip elastic feet keeps the unit unfaltering. Programmed wellbeing close off diminishes odds of incidental flames/smolders. What's more, last however not the minimum, the 5-level flexible indoor regulator control with pointer permits to hold the temperature degree within proper limits. Non-combustible, they are a sheltered and shrewd distinct option for customary burners. 

Key Features: 

Material: Die-Cast warming component 

High power 1500-watt for speedy cooking 

Programmed security stop with warm circuit 

5-level movable indoor regulator warming control with marker 

Nonslip elastic feet keep the unit consistent 


Plate Diameter: 15.5 cm 

Info Voltage: 230V, 50~60 Hz 

3-Pin power rope is 0.8 m 

Size Dimension: 22 x 22 x 6 cm 

Item Weight: 1.460 kg 

Step by step instructions to utilize 

Place the sustenance on the hot plate 

Power on the hot plate 

Set required warmth level from the force nob 

Switch off when you are done 

Bundle Contents: 

Hot Plate 

Client Manual

Price   3200

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