Buy Protoner Adjustable 6 in 1 Exerciser with Massaging Back Support online in Pakistan

Buy Protoner Adjustable 6 in 1 Exerciser with Massaging Back Support online in Pakistan

Protoner Adjustable 6 in 1 Exerciser with Massaging Back Support


This is a progressive wellness that objectives your whole center to give you culminate lean ABS you generally have longed for. Protoner 6 in 1 Ab Core?s unique ergonomic configuration offer powerful aggregate center activities that works both in transit here and there concentrating on each muscle of your center.

The 180 degree scope of movement permits you to practice your upper, center and additionally bring down muscular strength, all in the meantime. Such synchronous movement of the ABS helps you to get a much more tightly ABS in a restricted time. You get reverse crunch while you lie back keeping in mind coming up there will be standard crunches.


Targets upper, center, lower abs, waistline and in addition oblique?s.

Intended to give double resistance.

More than 180 degree scope of movements.

Offers customizable resistance Levels to suit all wellness levels.

6 distinct workouts: Oblique turns, crunches, lower ABS tucks, reverse crunches, lower Ab press and extend.

Ideal for those with back issue.

Get unwinding abdominal area stretch.

With padded and rubbing back backing , giving a more agreeable use.


The greatest point of preference of deciding on 6 in 1 Ab Core is that you are in an amazingly agreeable situated position where your body parts like neck and head get full backing.

The froth pad is planned in a manner that it gives all over rubbing developments to your back.

This empowers to unwind your back muscles and spine, making you feel great.

The ergonomic bend outline is of awesome utilize regardless of the fact that you are experiencing back torment as it can completely extend your back and for this you should simply basically lie on it and inside of a less timeframe you can feel that your agony has diminished.

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