Buy Now Speed Up 3 Pcs Basket Ball Set online in Pakistan

Buy Now Speed Up 3 Pcs Basket Ball Set online in Pakistan

Speed Up 3 Pcs Basket Ball Set

Speed Up 3 Pcs Basket Ball Set 

This Basket Ball Combo Set Is Speed Up's Only Basket Ball Set And The Ball Is Preferred To Be Used In Parks By A Recreational Player Due To Its Lasting Durability And Good Performance. The Pack Comes With 750 Ml Water Sports Sipper And Ball Pump. 

Key Feature 

Accessible In Size 7 The Basket Ball Is High Recommended For Use On Hard Surfaces By The Recreational Player. 

The Deep Seem Molded Construction Is Manufactured To Be Lasting And Durable In Use, Without Compromising On Too Much Performance. 

Produced Using A Rubber Compound For High Durability During Play 

We Recommend You Inflate The Ball To The Maximum Recommended Pressure Printed On The Ball 

To Avoid Damaging Your Speed Up Basket Ball, 

Consideration Should Be Taken When Inserting The Inflating Needle Into The Ball When Using Your 

Speed Ball Pump, Particularly On First Inflation (Remember Your Speed Up Basket Ball Will Be Shipped Deflated). 

We Recommend You Use 

Glycerin To Lubricate The Inflating Needle, This Will Allow It To Be Inserted Smoothly And Carefully.

Price   1800

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