Buy Now Kawachi Portable Steam Sauna Bath Blue online in Pakistan

Buy Now Kawachi Portable Steam Sauna Bath Blue online in Pakistan

Kawachi Portable Steam Sauna Bath - Blue


Material: Mixture of polyurethane and nylon fabric 

Full-body covering watertight tent 

2 path zipper for simple passage into the steam sauna 

Simple to gather and helpful to utilize 

Launderable tent 

Steam generator pot 

Time setting: a hour clock 

Power and radiator pointers 


Voltage: AC220/230 V (50/60Hz) 

Power: 750 Watts. 

Limit of Water: 1.5 L. max. 

Time-setting: 60 min. max. 

3 Pin Power Cord: 2.2 m long 

Item develop (when Open): L x B x H/80 x 83 x 110 cm 

Material internal layer-water repellent polyester 

Material external layer - 90 T PU polestar fabric 

Bearings for use: 

In versatile steam sauna, amass the casing, then place the material spread over the edge. Interface steam funnel to the steamer pot. 

Fill the Steamer Pot compartment with faucet water up to the demonstrated most extreme water level. In versatile steam sauna shower you could include a couple drops of fundamental oils at this stage. 

Interface the Steamer Pot primary fitting into an advantageous attachment. Set the clock to 15 minutes or as agreeable to you. 

The Steamer Pot will begin delivering adequate steam for a steam shower after around 5-10 minutes. A great many people clean up for around 10-15 minutes. 

Place a suitable plastic seat inside the steam shower, take a seat and make the most of your STEAM LIFE. 

After use dependably wipe within the spread with a dry material. Try not to secure clammy. 


Help Burns Calories and controls weight 

Uproots Toxins and Mineral Wastes 

Alleviates Pain 

Useful for joint agony and solidness 

Enhance blood flow and reinforces the cardiovascular framework 

Decreases Stress and Fatigue 

It shines your Skin

Price   7999

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