Buy Now Intex Inflatable Sofa online in Pakistan

Buy Now Intex Inflatable Sofa online in Pakistan

Intex Inflatable Sofa in Pakistan

Agreeable Full Relax 68573 Intex inflatable couch 

Intex 68573. Inflatable Sofa Cafe Loveseat 

Intex 68573 inflatable couch is made of cutting edge and top notch materials, top and side parts have run flooring. Inflatable Sofa is accessible in two distinct hues: light green or pink. Incorporates two inflatable pads. Size 157 x 86 x 69 

New from Intex. 

Exceptionally agreeable and advantageous Intex inflatable couch. 

The valve 2 in 1, permitting you to rapidly expand and collapse the couch. 

Supplied with 2 inflatable pads in the shade of the couch. 

Measurements 68573 Intex inflatable couch: 

The length of the couch - 157 cm 

The stature of the sofa - 69 cm 

couch Depth - 86 cm (such profundity permits to serenely lay on this model inflatable couch)

Price  6500

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