Buy Now Hot & Cold Face Mask online in Pakistan

Buy Now Hot & Cold Face Mask online in Pakistan

Hot & Cold Face Mask

Portrayal : 

Hot and chilly eye pack, is all around material with assortment capacities. It can give a protected and successful treatment for averting facial loss of motion. It keeps your face smooth and wellbeing, as well as can enhance blood flow and alleviate eye exhaustion. Evidently, it is your best decision. 

Item Features : 

An absolute necessity thing for most grown-up persons 

Impeccable outline for averting facial loss of motion 

Give a sheltered and compelling treatment, for example, treatment, recovery, magnificence, unwinding, and so forth. 

Enhance blood dissemination 

Can mitigate eye exhaustion 

Lessen crows feet and shadows 

Reusable, safe and agreeable 

Compact, helpful and simple to utilize 

Material(Gel): Vinyl Acetate 

Employments of facial veil: 

Icy pack: exercise based recuperation for traumatic drain, heatstroke, tingle, cerebral pain, strain, burn and exhaustion 

Hot pack: mitigate rheumatic torment, neural torment, sciatica, vertebral agony, enhance mucous film scars after surgery. 

Guidelines for use: 

For icy pack: put the icy/hot sack into cooler to be refrigerated for 60 minutes before taking out for use 

For hot pack: put the icy/hot sack into loaded with water holder then put in microwave stove to be warm for 100 seconds for every time, and for 60 seconds when be utilized persistently.

Price    1399

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