Buy Now Fabulous Inflatable Ultra Lounge Intex Sofa 68881 online in Pakistan

Buy Now Fabulous Inflatable Ultra Lounge Intex Sofa 68881 online in Pakistan

Inflatable Ultra Lounge Intex Sofa- 68881 in Pakistan

Inflatable Ultra Lounge Intex 68881 Sofa beds, without pump For Full Relax 

Intex Inflatable Mattress 68881 Comfortable For Full Relax 


Inflatable cushion sort couch bed Intex 68881 will make good conditions for an impeccable occasion, both inside and outside, and a slick, novel outline and rich burgundy hues will give the client a charming material and visual sensations, accordingly making the ideal mind-set. Custom round shape inflatable couch bed Intex 68881 and adequately huge size parameters permit to rest while the two grown-ups. Ergonomically advantageous type of removable backrest will give you the chance to unwind leaning back. Couch Bed is made of excellent waterproof material that is anything but difficult to clean, which is one of the fundamental favorable circumstances. Likewise, Intex 68881 can be utilized ashore as well as in water. 

Measurements: 191h53 cm. 

Greatest burden: 245 kg. 

Weight: 7.5 kg. 

Unwind and get awesome delight 

We present to your consideration a fascinating oddity from the organization Intex . 

On an inflatable love seat the Ultra Lounge is Intex 68881 can be an extraordinary delight to unwind, douse up the front of the TV, unwind in the sun and appreciate the outside in the natural air. Inflatable Sofa Intex 68881 superbly fit the inside of any loft, allowing a spot to put. 

The strengthened base of the couch and delicate waterproof covering the inflatable couch gets to be all inclusive for use both inside and outdoors.Features inflatable couch

Price  8999

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