Buy Now Combo of Mix Fruits Facial Kit and 5 in 1 Massager online in Pakistan

Buy Now Combo of Mix Fruits Facial Kit and 5 in 1 Massager online in Pakistan

Combo of Mix Fruits Facial Kit and 5 in 1 Massager

Blended Fruits Facial Kit 

1) Mix Fruits Cleansing Cream : This purifying cream containing Mix Fruit separates that evacuates earth, inauspicious, oil and profound purifies your skin, opening pores of your skin. 

2) Mix Fruits Scrub : This scour advanced with Mix Fruits compound helps peeling off dead skin cells, which helps in recovering the skin. It likewise helps in uprooting surface imperfections, and shallow pigmentation while minimizing the extended pores and gives even tone to skin. 

3) Mix Fruits Massage Cream : After cleaning with Mix Fruits scour apply knead cream which is rich in Mix Fruits separates. It diminishes abundance oil, enhances skin tone, fixes the skin, gives a more youthful looking skin. 

4) Mix Fruits Real Gel Toning : This Mix Fruits genuine gel toner is high in vitamin An and C. This supplements fixes the skin diminishes wrinkles and helps age spots. It likewise gently dyes the skin enhancing skin tone. 

5) Mix Fruits Face Pack : Mix Fruits face pack expels scars and imperfections from the face making it delicate and smooth. It has regular dying properties to enhance the composition of the skin. It additionally evacuates the dead epithelial cells and renews with the crisp gleaming skin. The Mix Fruits speed up characteristic skin reestablishment leaving the skin looking fresher and more youthful. It assimilates overabundance sebum, opens the pores, detoxifies the skin, lessens wrinkles and leaves the skin smooth, tight and new. 

Blended Fruits Herbal Face Wash 

This Face Wash is with dynamic advantages of blend organic products is the perfect lively facial wash. 

It has the advantages of citrus foods grown from the ground adjusting pineapple which is perfect for slick skin. 

Abandon your bars and cleansers which are unforgiving on your skin. 

Its delicate purifying properties leaves your skin, smooth and impeccable without drying it out. 

5 in 1 Beauty Massager 


It is anything but difficult to utilize. 

Vibrating rub enhances the blood stream. 

Sheltered and moderate approach to clean face, refine skin surface and enhance the muscle tone. 

It helps in Exfoliating of dead skin cells to uncover a young skin. 

It additionally helps in evacuating hard cells under elbow. 

The utilization of Massager makes the use of cream to enter the skin and keep it fed and hydrated in a vastly improved manner. 

Material: ABS Plastic 

Size: 11 x 15.5 x 4.5cm 

Power Source: 2AA batteries (excluded) 

Massager 5 adornments 

1) Crude shine adornment: to rip the intense skin and cutin off. 

2) Latex delicate wipe: for cheek rubbing. 

3) Make - up wipe: to back rub and clean your skin. 

4) Rolling massager: to improve blood circumstances from skin maturing. 

5) Soft brush: to clear all the scurf sticks at first glance. 

Bundle Contents: 1 x Massager, Massager Accessories, Herbal Face Wash, Facial Kit

Price    2399

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