Buy Now Combo of Intex Air Mattress Pump Free 2 Pillows online in Pakistan

Buy Now Combo of Intex Air Mattress Pump Free 2 Pillows online in Pakistan

Combo of Intex Air Mattress + Pump + Free 2 Pillows in Pakistan

Size: 191 X 76 X 22 CM, 6.26 X 2.49 X 0.72 Ft (Length X Width X Height) 

The utilization of super-solid carbon warm polymerization toughening PVC, plant at first glance with corduroy polymer, utilizes the high-class procedure of the world. 

Strict weight test 

Sensible configuration: delightful style and happy with resting condition. Alveolate tri-dimensional charge. The air cannot go to the other side of the bed when two unique individuals think about it, which is the greatest contrast with the ordinary air bed. 

Agreeable and warm, the overnight boardinghouse body coordinate Closely, can dispose of weakness, supply you a characteristic, agreeable and sound nature of rest. 

Fantastic materials 

Scraped spot and low temperature safe, the bed can put on the floor straightforwardly. 

Taking into account `ergonomic` plan guideline, the utilization of air lightness can even accomplish overnight boardinghouses adjusted to the human body, cervical, lumbar spine, wrist no more suspended. 

Don`t need bed section, put the air bed on the floor then you can mull over it. 

Wonderful and advantageous, little size, as large as your Sheet after discharge the air, weigh under 2.5kg 

Application: Regular evacuation of compensation workers, for the interim home guests make the bed, office morning rest, tourism outdoors, water games etc, a need for Travel and tourism. 

Intended to offer you a sound and tranquil rest, this intex inflatable cushion is agreeable, warm and advantageous in use. Effortlessly inflatable, this intex pneumatic bed gives you the comfort to unwind at whatever time and anyplace.

Price   3999

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