Buy Now Body Massager with Hair Removal Kit online in Pakistan

Buy Now Body Massager with Hair Removal Kit online in Pakistan

Body Massager with Hair Removal Kit

Body Massager with Hair Removal Kit 

It is a blessing from heaven easy hair evacuation framework that gives all of you of the advantages of a spa visit, without costly spa costs. An extreme Full Body spa Treatment System, Massager Cleaning Kit, Hair Remove, Exfoliates Dry Skin. 

This hair evacuation pack accompanies a body buffering cushion, a foot smoother so you can give yourself a pedicure and have infant smooth feet, It uproot undesirable and humiliating facial hair, and we even incorporate free extra batteries so you can keep on making the most of your this item hair evacuation framework without worrying about the force running out. A smaller than normal spa in the palm of your hands! 


Reduced and simple to store 

Effortlessly uproots hair 

Evacuate most established dry skin 

Torment free hair evacuation 

Preferred results over shaving 

Less wreckage than waxing 

Less expensive than laser medications 

Body and facial hair evacuation 

Hard skin disposed of 

No in-developed hairs 

Enhance skin tone 

Peels and cleans skin 

Incorporates extra battery 

9 frill for full body treatment: Deep Cleanser Brush, Foot Smoother (coarse coarseness), Pumice Stone, 

Body Buffer, Bikini Line Hair Remover (resembles a nail document), Facial hair remover (resembles a nail record) 

Miniaturized scale Massaging Module, Macro Massaging Module, 5 Crystal Hair Removal Pad, Charging Adaptor. 

A complete Mini Spa Experience in your home 


Not any more Painful Waxing: Never again will you need to persevere through excruciating waxing medicines since this unit won't just furnish you with the same results, yet will likewise offer you some assistance with saving a huge amount of cash contrasted with costly spa visits and treks to the specialist for laser hair evacuation medications. 

Little and Fits on Your Countertop: Waxing, Laser, Electric and other hair evacuation frameworks take up a huge amount of space and are humiliating to have out in your home. Stop those humiliating spa trips and ungainly circumstances when you can't discover a spot to store your healthy skin frameworks since now you can evacuate hair effortlessly and effectively in your own particular home with unit. 

No More Wasting Time in Your Bathroom Shaving: It not just makes an extraordinary easy different option for waxing or laser hair evacuation medicines, yet it is likewise a stunning and efficient alternative to shaving your legs, arms and even undesirable facial hair. 

Shaving your legs turns out to be all the more a task and takes a huge amount of time to complete: Avoid humiliating trims from shaving once more, but since of the 550 pivots for each moment and its precious stone Pads, the unit uproots hair in a flash sparing you an opportunity to do different things other than sitting in a lavatory and shaving your arms and legs.

Price   1999

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