Buy 7.5 Ltr Mini Refrigerator for Home & Car online in Pakistan

Buy 7.5 Ltr Mini Refrigerator for Home & Car online in Pakistan

7.5 Ltr Mini Refrigerator for Home & Car

Include accommodation in your existence with the Mini Refrigerator. With a limit of upto 7.5 liters, and with a rack and an entryway rack, you can without much of a stretch store every one of your pharmaceuticals, chocolates, confections, a couple jars of lager/icy beverages, and a few natural products effortlessly. The vitality effective Peltier cooling framework working in this icebox empowers both warming and cooling. A convey handle permits you to bring it alongside you anyplace you please. Go for this convenient fridge for all the short treks that you take, in picnics, and different trips. 

Limit: 7.5 Liters 

Power utilization: 48W±10% 

Mode: cooling and warming 

Electric cooling limit: 15 - 20? underneath surrounding temperature 

Electric warming limit: +65? by altered setting indoor regulator 

Strong polyurethane froth (CFC-free)(Chlorofluorocarbon) 

No compressor, low commotion 

Peltier cooling framework 

CFC and HFC (Hydro fluorocarbon)- free 

Air conditioning/DC mode choice switch 

Hot/cool choice switch 

Red/green light shows hot/cool status 

1 Shelf and 1 entryway rack 

Collapsing convey handle 

Information Voltage: AC220V and DC12V power 

Auto connector rope and 2 pin power string: 2.0 m long 

Item measure/measurement (W x D x H): 20 x 26 x 35 cm 

Weight: 2.7 kg 

Bundle Contents: 

Smaller than expected Refrigerator, 

Air conditioning Power Cord, 

DC Car Adaptor Cord, 

Client Manual.

Price    8000

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