Buy 3 in 1 LED Emergency Light with Torch and Night Lamp online in Pakistan

Buy 3 in 1 LED Emergency Light with Torch and Night Lamp online in Pakistan

3 in 1 LED Emergency Light with Torch and Night Lamp

escription : 

Try not to get got oblivious in the case of a genuine crisis. Dissimilar to the electric lamp covered in your drawer, this crisis spotlight wont be dead when you require them the most. 

Plug this rechargeable gadget into any 240V AC outlet, and it will illuminate in a split second upon force disappointment or when you expel it from its energy source. Abandon it Plugged in, and it will go about as a night light, turning on naturally when the room gets to be dull. 

The Rechargeable crisis spotlight has six super-splendid LEDs that won't wear out. At the point when FULLY charged, this crisis electric lamp will sparkle for seven hours. 

It has a 20-DAY STAND BY life, making this water safe light perfect for campers, explorers, understudies and Senior Citizens. The strobe work additionally offers you on the off chance that you some assistance with getting lost and need to request help. 

Highlights : 

Light Weight 

Water Resistant 

Completely Rechargeable 

6 Super Bright Led Lights 

Low Energy Consumption 

Rechargeable 3.7 V Lithium Battery 

Completely Charged, Shines For Several Hours 

7 Days Stand By Life After Fully Charged 

Sos Strobe Light For Emergency Signaling 

Simple To-Use and Safe For Senior Citizens and Children 

Illuminates Immediately On Power Failure Or Unplugged. 

Safe and Reliable Charging With Magnetic Induction Technology 

At the point when Plugged In, Lights Up Automatically If Room Becomes Completely Dark. 

A Must For Homes, Shops, Hospitals, Security Cabins and Whenever Required In A Hurry. 

Push Button Control On Handful Flashlight Activates Led Lights And Emergency Flashers 

Super Bright 6 Led Handheld Flashlight Automatically Turns On During Power Outages (After Initial Charge) 

Nightlight Switch With Auto Sensor And On/Off Functions Underneath Base. Delicate Translucent Nightlight (Activates In Auto Position) Shines Downwards. Splendid Nightlight Activated With On Functions. 

Sheltered And Reliable Charging Magnetic Induction Technology (No Contact Inside Base) Charges Cradle Simple Plugs Into Any 240V Ac Outlet. 24Hrs Initial Charge Required. 

Ecologically Friendly - No Need For Replacement Or Disposal Of Batteries Or Bulbs - Water Resistant. Low Energy Consumption. 

Instructions to Use : 

Plug Charging Base Into Ac 240V 50Hz Wall Socket. Embed Base Upright Into The Wall Outlet. 

Embed The Removable Light Into Its Charging. 

Following An Initial 2 Hour Charge The Light Can Remain Plugged In And Used For Any Of Its Three Functions. 

Power Failure Mode : 

The Super Bright Led Light Automatically Turns On During Outages. 

Handheld Light Mode - Flash Light : 

Push Button Control On Handheld Flash Light Activates The Led Lighting And The Strobe Emergency Flashers. 

Nightlight Mode : 

Switch To The Auto Function (Underneath The Base) and The Nightlight Will Automatically Turn On Whenever It Becomes Dark. Translucent Light Points Down From The Base To Softly Illuminate The Floor And Surrounding Area. 

Utilize The On Function To Turn On Bright Led Nightlight.

Price  2699

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